Saturday, 2 June 2012

icad - day 3

Tell me all of your secrets.
3 June, 2012

icad - Index Card a Days

With a little gentle pushing from Raven Ink, I am participating in the icad challenge. 
Supplies have been acquired, 
inspiration is a little vague and lost in the spirallings of my mind,  but will come I am sure. 

June 1, 2012

June 2, 2012

Jarvis' artworks from 1&2 June, 2012

Lillian's artworks from 1&2 June, 2012

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage Speedway and Hot Chip Sandwiches

A Saturday does not get much better than a Saturday Morning shared with 
Miss Flick, my daddy and my babies. 
Oh how I love the sweet smell of burning fuel and chicken salt.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day

I like Mother's Day.

It's nice to feel celebrated by the people who love you, in a way that is very different from a birthday.

Today I was lucky enough to celebrate my day with my mother and the little people that call me mumma.

We lunched ant my brothers house where he and his wife prepared an awesome feast complete with a 2 tiered chocolate cake.

I was spoilt by my children with beautiful hand made gifts. JD made me a magnet with his photo on it, a beautiful egg carton and "crystal" ring and a grasshead.
Lillian with the financial support of Aunty Lisa, bought me a pot plant ( a succulent), some beautiful resin earrings and a jar of candy.
Now expecting that they would receive no assistance from they father and anticipating no gift at all, I purchased my self a bath robe and at lunch nanny produced a gift bag for L& JD to give me, unbeknownst to me she had added chocolates, a cup and saucer and some body lotion.

But the highlight of the day was Miss L " Aunty Lisa, I know you don't have any kids, but you a special to us" :tear:

I feel truly blessed that I have such a wonderful mother, a beautiful sister in law and amazing children.

I love you guys so much

The Beauty of being Solitary

Today, I took myself on a little adventure. 

I won't lie, in the past I was fearful of doing things alone. It scared the hell out of me. 

However, I am slowly developing the ability to go out, alone and feel confident. 

Today's journey had a purpose, but as I discovered, the purpose was not were I found the joy. 

The joy was in; not having to answer to anyone, not having to ask permission to do things and go places, not having to worry about anyone's needs or timetable but my own, not having to race to toilets for my little people, not having to find food that everyone else likes for lunch and not being asked constantly "are we there yet?" and "can we go now?". 

However along with this joy, that nasty little critter guilt had hitched a ride and whispered to me, "You're a bad mum, how can you possibly enjoy being away from your little people?". 
For a long time I sat looking at the ocean thinking about that, and I realised; they are safe, they are with their father, the opportunity to share my day with them does not exist and then I felt a sense of relief, I had no reason to feel guilty. 

And I went back to the joy, I drank my hot chocolate and ate my spinach and feta muffin and enjoyed the silence and the breeze on my face.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunday by the River

A beautiful way to spend the last day of my holidays.

Sunday was definitely one of the hottest days this summer.
So I packed up my camera and bikini and headed bush
to my beautiful friend's farm and spent the day
with her and her boys, hiding in the shade gossiping
and swimming in the cool river water.

The day was concluded with camp oven cooked roast pork;
the pork grown on the farm and cooked delicately by said friend's father,
it was a totally delicious feast and a wonderful end to a spectacular day.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dear Blogger..

I had an affair.....

....with wordpress, for about 16 hours, she was enticing, encouraging me to behave like a grown up, with her sleek styling and a no fuss demeanour.

I have now after the fuzzy glow and rush of indulging in her mature fa├žade come to the realisation I am a blogger girl, I like the glitz and spangle I can add to you, the free backgrounds I can download over at shabbyblogs, the blinkies and the buttons I love it all, and most of all I love you blogger. i promise I will never be unfaithful again.


Road Trippin'

No getting to know you chit chat here, you are either reading this because you already know me; or you’re a nosy little fucker and in which case, Welcome.

Not known to be to wordy I will cut straight to the chase, I went on an awesome road trip today, awesome in respects of the company i

kept, the mixed tape that aurally devoured, the food that was consumed, the antiquities that were procured and the giggling that was audible everywhere we went.

In pictures that looks a lot like this….

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Best of 2011 in Pictures

I did't think that I had many happy memories of 201l, however; looking back over the photographs I have taken, it is kind of easy to dismiss the shitty stuff and enjoy the good parts. 

The good parts include but are not limited to; Crafternoon Tea, Bangalow Road Trips, Woodchops, visits to the park, new tattoos, breakfast with friends, parties and makeovers.